Improve your understanding of mental fitness and master a range of tools and techniques in a structured learning experience from foundation level to practitioner.


  • You are physically fit when you are strong, powerful, fast, flexible and demonstrate endurance. You are mentally fit when you are focused, creative, resilient and demonstrate control and balance.

  • You take a proactive approach to physical fitness through nutrition, exercise and rest. Consider mental fitness in the same way and adopt simple practices to help unlock your potential and discover new levels of reach your Peak State.


How to reach your peak state

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Reach your PEAK STATE

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Peak State aims to help people take a proactive approach to the good management of good mental health

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Dr. Lily Peppou. Clinical Psychologist-Epidemiologist, University of Mental Health, Neurosciences and Precision Medicine Research Institute "Costas Stefanis"

“Incorporating the Peak State tools in daily life is an effective way of being in touch with oneself and building mental fitness; which in turn, will result in better coping with adversity, maximising performance and enjoying life to its fullest.”

Professor Roger Eston. Executive Dean: UniSA Allied Health and Human Performance

“Peak State applies effective psychological strategies from the world of elite sport and presents them in a fashion that, in my opinion, are understandable and accessible to all.”

Princess Tatiana of Greece. Founder of BREATHE.

“BREATHE was founded with a vision to advance understanding about health and wellbeing. Through our partnership with Peak State, we aim to drive toward this vision by promoting mental fitness across the whole of Greece.”

Professor Gaynor Parfitt. Professor in Exercise and Health Sciences, UniSA. Former sport psychologist to Great Britain national teams: Gymnastics, Figure Skating, and Hockey.

“To reach full potential, you must train your mind and your body. Peak State guides you in adopting a simple mental fitness regime that potentially will contribute to greater performance and wellbeing.”

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

“Peak State aims to help people take a proactive approach to the good management of good mental health.”